Algirdas Taurinskas

Born in Šiauliai in 1941.
1961 – 1967 painting studies in the Lithuanian State Institute of Fine Arts. Finished painter’s speciality in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Lithuanian State Institute of Fine Arts.
In 1966 started participating in exhibitions.
1967 – 1971 worked in Elektrėnai.
Returned to Klaipėda in 1971 where he taught painting and composition in Klaipėda Children Art School.
In 1971 became a member of the Lithuanian Artists' Association.
Since 1985 has been involved in creative activity.

A.Taurinskas is a classic of Lithuanian fine art of the XX century. Fine art critics think that A.Taurinskas is unrivalled in respect of colouring.

His creative works are dominated by landscapes, especially the marine, Klaipėda old-town as well as the lately present floral motif. His landscapes and portraits are brightened by an inimitable spree of brushstrokes and tunes of colours. Landscape holds a special place in the artist’s creation. Whatever the painter would portray - be it trees, sea, streets of an old-town - he tells a man’s modes through a generalised picture of the nature. Therefore, his landscape pictures seem personalized and deeply emotional. He had painted portraits and figure compositions. His painting is monumental, picturing a generalised view of reality, wide brushstroke of intensive colours, strong and emotional mood of a picture combine an image into a whole where there is nothing unnecessary, ephemeral. The following works are kept at the Lithuanian Art Museum: Žvejai (Fishermen) (1969), Nida (Nida) (1971 ), Klaipėda (Klaipėda) (1972), Klaipėdos milicijos viršininko viršilos J. Kilkausko portretas (Portrait of J.Kilkauskas, staff sergeant of chief of Klaipėda militia) (1977) and others.


Participation in local, republican, union art exhibitions - since 1966.
Participation in annual republican exhibitions organised by artistic camps - since 1966.
Participated in annual exhibitions dedicated to Klaipėda sea festival until 1995.
Organized several exhibitions of his works in Klaipėda (1974, 1980, 1982), Vilnius (1981).
Took part in an exhibition of Klaipėda artists in Germany (1997).

1995 - personal exhibition in Klaipėda Art Exhibition Hall.
1998 - personal exhibition of portraits in Klaipėda Drama Theatre.
1999 - joint exhibition of Klaipėda painters in Klaipėda Drama Theatre.
2001 - personal exhibition in Klaipėda Art Exhibition Hall.
October 26 2004 - December 31 2009 - Trys Klaipėdos dailės dešimtmečiai“ (Three decades of Klaipėda art) in Pranas Domšaitis gallery of Lithuanian Art Museum.
2005 - personal exhibition in Klaipėda Baroti Gallery.
December 2007 - personal exhibition in Klaipėda Art Exhibition Hall.
May 2009 - personal exhibition Flowers in the gallery of Klaipėda Artists’ Association.